#maxwellsounds meeting

#maxwellsounds meeting

John loves Maxwellsounds!!

John loves Maxwellsounds!!

Damned is the man who abandons himself
Die Konditionierten

Get ready for this talented artist! If you haven’t seen him on the scene yet you are severely missing out! When he’s not merchandising at Sears he’s hitting the stages around the city spreading his sounds! Check him out next week, #sotw #maxwellsounds

Tiara P. Killing it!! #smokethemic

These guys are called Government Shutdown and they smoked the mic! Check them out all around town here locally in Louisville. #smokethemic

Crowd is already starting to come in! This gentleman’s name is Bruce and he will be hitting the stage tonight! #smokethemic

Wow… Just wow! That is all. #acethemic #maxwellsounds

Gina C. Douglas and Zach Longoria played an amazing song on stage!!! #loveThisOpenMic #acethemic

Kojin, Ryan Marsh, ZLP, and The band Shawn Sleeps Naked are getting ready. #acethemic